Alex Hawker

Web Developer - Teacher - Freelancer

To say that I love building stuff would be an understatement. There’s something extremely satisfying the creative, problem solving, get your hands dirty kind of work. For years now I have dedicated my time and energies to building websites that achieve the intended goal. Build awareness of your business? Blog? Online Store? I’ve built them and been successful at it. It’s what I do for fun.

Once I’ve learned something I want to pass that skill along to others. It caps of the entire process if I can help someone else reach their goals. I create static HTML5 and CSS3 sites and custom WordPress sites. Watch this space for free tutorials.

My most recent work that I’m incredibly proud of the is the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum. They many thousands of views per month generating lots of interest in the community. Drop me a note, I’d love to meet you and do something incredible.